Epic Drone Photographers In Kenya

You guy my guy,

It has been a minute, how have you been?

This is how you greet people you have not seen in ages around Nairobi. Some parts of Nairobi.

It’s only when you’re flying above it that you realize how incredible the Earth really is.

~Philippe Perrin

Remember when you were young and would look up at an aeroplane flying above? Did you imagine how the person in the plane sees you from above? There is a bunch of photographers here in Nairobi who are showing us just how the view from above is and they are killing it with drone photography in Kenya. The hashtag #FromWhereIDrone on Instagram has some images that would make you wish you were a bird, and fly high to catch some of these amazing aerial views.

Aerial View of Adis Ababa
Adis Ababa Aerial View by TJ, The Mentalyst

You probably ask yourself, who does the best drone photography near me? I may have the answer to that dear reader. Put your feet up and read on.

Visit Dubai
Definitely Dubai | TJ The Mentalyst

Here is a list of some Instagram accounts that will make you google, the best drone for photography to buy. The list is in no particular order and you can therefore add on some of the accounts you follow for drone photography in Kenya or we can widen the net to East Africa. Let me know in the comments hapo chini.

  1. Namuks Aka Baba Lisa 

Now tell me you have ever seen this view of the Windsor Hotel & Golf Course and i will know you lie. Namuks has come through with an image that most Nairobians have never imagined existed. I bet every wedding party will ask their photographer “Tunataka kama hii” (we want a photo like this one) as is Kenyan fashion of celebrating photographers.

Here is the image:

Aerial View of Windsor By Namuks

Droning over Chale Island

Photo Credits: Namuks (instagram)

    2. Tj The Mentalyst 

Now TJ is the father of them all, baba yao. He has carved a niche in drone photography in Kenya and pretty easily in Africa.

His images speak for themselves and give you a vision that you will always remember; to the extent you may see his photos and just know, “This is TJ’s photo” Check out his Instagram page if you have not already, be the judge.

Victora Falls Aerial View | From Where I Drone
Victoria Falls By TJ 

It could be that landscapes are what work best for drone photography but we are not complaining.

Elephants from above
Mambo Jumbo; TJ

       3. Peter Size 10 

We featured Pierre on the 10 Kenyan Instagram accounts you should be following  For a lawyer who turned to do Photography full time, You are doing great Peter. How cool are these landscapes?

Drones In Kenya
Guess where?
Mt Ololokwe In Kenya
The Might Mt Ololokwe captured by Size 10
Aerial view of Makueni
Makueni flaunting its curves

4. Josh Kisamwa 

First of all, when i came across Josh’s instagram, my mind was blown away . Dude where have you been? Your images are amazing!

He has been part of the Unscrambling Africa project by renowned photog, Mutua Matheka and what he brought home to our feeds is some awesome photos.

Namibia is beautiful
The beauty of Namibia | Josh Kisamwa

The views from Namibia, where the ocean meets the desert are on another level.

Awesome work by Josh
The beauty of Africa.

Honourable mentions.

I have to add in Daniel Msirikale AKA That Tanzanian Guy  He is putting Tanzania on the map with his beautiful imagery and his famous wallpapers. Check him out while you can. 

That Tanzanian Guy

What do you think of drones in Kenya, should more people take it up? Should the law around them be easened? Who are your favourites and which accounts should i add to the list? Let me know in the comments.


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