Camping At Lake Magadi, Kenya

Memorable Travel, have you been there?

Camp Yetu-13

Stargazing at night, juicy “Nyama choma”, sitting in the hot springs at past 12am, waking up to an epic sunrise… ok let me begin from the start.

Camp Yetu

The day was February 6th when we at Camp Yetu decided to head to Magadi, Kenya for a camping weekend. It was a short notice because we normally try to get a few people to join us so as to make it cheaper and more fun for everyone.

Fast forward to Saturday the 10th and 11 of us were in a van in Nairobi CBD as we were almost setting off to Magadi.

To get to Magadi we took Lang’ata rd past Bomas, Rongai, Kiserian and a few stretches of rough roads later past beautiful landscapes and Masai herdsmen grazing their cattle. (And women and children grazing calves and goats (Something about their culture) We were almost at Lake Magadi.

We got to Lake Magadi, few pleasantries at the gate about where were heading and when we’ll be back we were off to the Lake Magadi Tented Camp.

Camp Yetu-4

After having our snacks we decided we were not there to “glamp” we decided we’ll be camping at the hot springs.

At 39 degrees Celsius it was too hot to go to the hot springs in the middle of the day so we decided to swim at the Magadi Tented Camps swimming pool and head to the hot springs later.

A good time at the swimming pool and soon it was time to head to the hot springs which we were informed were a 20 minute drive away.

Vincent our guide for the day saw how much water we had and laughed at how unprepared we were. He organised 40 more liters of water, four lantern lights for us and soon we were on the road for the “20 minutes drive”.

Camp Yetu-6

On the way to the hot springs

The drive of course took much longer than the 20 minutes as we had several stops to take in the amazing landscape at sunset and take some pics to slay on the gram (If you know what I mean!)


We got to the hot springs when it was already getting dark but to everyone’s excitement we were camping less than 20 metres from the hot springs!


Before the excitement could set in fully we realized we had to set up tents before it was too dark and we had to set up tents in the extremely windy conditions. After minutes of tents turning into parachutes , putting stones into the tents and other shenanigans all tents were set and the night was upon us. (Kind of).

Camping in Kenya, Lake Magadi , Magadi
Camping in Kenya, Lake Magadi Tented Camp.

Ugali, nyama choma, drinks, stories by the bonfire and all of us assumed we’ll get to experience the hot springs the next day.

You can view these on Camp Yetu’s highlights here


As it got darker the clear skies revealed the most epic star show most of us had ever seen (I asked a few). It was a truly amazing sight I won’t even try putting it in words go and experience it yourself.


As we lay stargazing little did we know that our guide had another surprise for us. At almost 12am in the night he asked us if we would like to walk to the hot springs. Moments later after crossing over slippery stones, cold and suddenly warm waters we were all sitting by ( and some in) the hot springs. It was indeed a memorable experience, sitting in a hot spring stargazing and we drifted into a new day full of memories.

I shall shoulder blame here and admit I didn’t take any photos that night, the experience was overwhelming and I forgot about my camera and lived the moment (No apologies!).

We lost track of time but after an unknown amount of time we retired to our tents.

Camp Yetu-14
The morning after

Morning soon came and Whitewalkers (I know this word and I haven’t even watched Game Of Thrones) came out of the tents. we realized the hot spring waters leave a coat of white salt on your body and almost all of us were covered in white powder from head to toe it was a hilarious scene. (We were told its does good things to your skin though *Touches skin* mmh. look true).

Camp Yetu-79.JPG

As that happened wows and sounds of jaws dropping rent the air as the most beautiful of sunrises took over the morning skies. That was the peak so I’ll let the photos and links to more photos do the talking a bit further below.

Yes we sadly came back to Nairobi but the memories made in Magadi won’t ever forgotten.

Camp Yetu-97
Squad Squad

PS: Credible sources say Camp Yetu will be having another trip to Castle Forest Lodge or Ol Donyo Orok on 10/11th March. Be on the lookout for details.

Credits: This post first appeared on @Zollo’s medium account. Comment on what you think about it and follow him for more travel.

Camp Yetu-43

You can reach Lake Magadi Adventures on their website


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