Watch “Petrolholics Pizza Meet” 2018 | Nairobi”

Is it too late to say happy new year?

If yes, Skip this next sentence.

“Happy New year fam bam. I hope you had a superb holiday and you travelled and froze those moments for eternity.”

In the spirit of doing new things and going to new places, i got invited to a PetrolHolics car meet at Garden City Mall Nairobi. This is an event organized by Petrol holics anonymous, a group of car enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies. Ideally it happens every first Tuesday of the month dubbed, Pizza meet, because – Terrific Tuesday. Buy 2 Pizzas for the price of one *wink*


The Petrol heads car meet in Nairobi this month saw some really cool cars come out. I had no idea that the Colt, was a “supercar/Sports car” or that they had that option. Way to go Mitsubishi!

Go where you feel the most alive!

Watch the Petrolholics Anonymous Car and  Pizza Meet video on our new Youtube channel we promise we will keep the “Hi guys welcome to our channel” on a minimum.

WATCH the video down here.


Thanks guys, Here is to more photography, travel, camping and videos!




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