Women Photographers In Kenya Who Will Inspire Your Travel

Happy International Women’s Day to all the women in the world 🙂

This year’s theme is asking women to #BeBoldForChange in their contribution to the social, economic, cultural and political as well as celebrate the achievements of women.

nari 5
Image by Nariman 

In light to this, what better way to be inspired as a photographer in Kenya than by the women photographers in Kenya whose instagram feeds boast travel, living and eating life with a big spoon.

“Don’t let anyone rob you of your imagination, your creativity, or your curiosity. It’s your place in the world; it’s your life. Go on and do all you can with it, and make it the life you want to live.” – Mae C. Jemison

Here are the women photographers whom i find inspiring, engaging and more so would love to recognize and celebrate on this International women’s day 2017. Feel free to suggest more i should check out and follow for their achievement as women who travel and capture it on the way.

  1. The Bongolese 

Jodie’s feed gives you the travel bug feels as she has been almost everywhere; from Mufindi Iringa to Lamu to the British Columbia. Her instagram takes you to both worlds, near and far. Just like her bio says, she is a “Roamer. Sometimes she takes (awesome) pictures, Sometimes she slay dragons.”

2. Linda Matama 

Oh, linda’s account, Check it out here and see what travel feels like. Linda and her friend @Amywahome globe trot like it is a sunday afternoon stroll- so easy.

To the ladies who want to know how she does it, myself included, reach her on her travel page When in Roam KE @wheninroam_ke or Snapchat: linda.matama

3. Nimu Isabel 

Dear Nimz your spirit of travel is unfathomable.

I am sure you already have a next destination in mind. Camping with you at @Camp Yetu has been awesome and i look forward to doing it again soon. Keep Travelling, keep snapping. Also keep sharing your travels with us on Nimu Expressions for the coach travelers. Looking forward to see you on Nat Geo one day.

4. Lafrohemien 

“The Afrohemian Nomad. Here and there, everywhere and nowhere. Phoet. 1/2 of @africancityzens

5. Nariman 

She describes herself as an introvert with extroverted tendencies.@_cassiopeiaa‘s feed has recently taken a turn to #Goals and #PassionPassport after she graduated and now travels the world; from Austria, Prague to Dubai and more, we look forward to more travel- gram pictures from you. Take us with you Nariman man 🙂

You can follow her on Snapchat: @nareybond

6. Jammy El Jabry 

Ever heard of @Life in Mombasa? A blog showcasing Mombasa vibrant culture, the rich history and traditions from Mombasa and was the 2016 BAKE winner for best county blog 🙂

Well Jammy is the brains behind this amazing platform.

Read on Meet The Brains Behind ‘Life In Mombasa’ her showing the Swahili culture has not only inspired other coast artists and photographers but the whole coast fraternity in Kenya and beyond.

7.  Lyra Aoko 

Lyra is on another league, her demeanor, her style and talent plus work ethic – CYNOSURE are on another level 🙂

Terming these 3 things on her bio, “Photography | Lifestyle | Travel” we can assume these three things are what make her who she is.


Other women photographers who inspire travel

– Canduh aka Leah Kanda

–  Swahili girl

-Kurly cheeks

Comment with more ladies we should rush to their feeds, blogs or websites to check out.

Again, Happy International Women’s day 2017


jodei 5.PNG


To every strong woman out there, who refuses to be defined by her past, who fights everyday to make things right, who doesn’t need anyone to justify her existence, who fights for her own space and never gives up. To every strong woman out there, This is your day. I celebrate you.




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