Follow Me To:Nairobi Safari Walk

Netflix and chill?

How about Nature and hike? No. Nature and chill? Mhhh … Just wait, It will come to me.

Entrance to the Nairobi Safari Walk

In this weather, Current Nairobi Weather that is, the rains are upon us, laden and heavy downpour. They should not lock you inside with the remote you know; Kenya power has the power, shutting down right when you have the GOT theme song on. The “snow” should not stop your show, go out and get your power back.

Nature’s Musings at Nairobi Safari Walk

“Travel Brings Power and Love back to your life”


One of the scenic places to do so in Nairobi is at the Nairobi Safari Walk adjacent to the Nairobi National Park on Langata Road. This rainy weather guarantees you two things, Fewer people in the parks and greener serene views. Chances of seeing animals in the rain however are slim but at the Nairobi Safari Walk you can catch some who are out to play.

Prop Life

What to take with you

  • Drinking water, picnic items,be careful though, baboons will show you the deal.
  • Also useful are: binoculars, camera, hat, sunglasses and a guidebook if you are sop sop enough.
  • National ID, Passport and other relevant identification documents.
Cheetah’s view point

What the Nairobi Safari Walk Offers

  • Diverse birdlife: Has over 400 bird species. At least 20 of which are seasonal European migrants.
  • Home to over 100 mammal species, four of the Big Five (lion, Buffalo, leopard and  rhino)
  • Has a spectacular view of the animals from the walkway.


Follow me to the walkway


If you are into photography the place is ideal because of the natural blanket it casts on the walkway. You an also view the origin of #FollowMeTo idea from here. 🙂




Entry to the park is 250 kshs for Citizens, View the official KWS Site for rates.


The Nairobi Safari Walk guarantees you a nice view spot especially in this rain.

Lions Den

If you are in Nai and there is some rain, go out and enjoy nature while you can. A little rain dont hurt nobody, does it?

Did i mention, you can camp in the Nairobi National Park,Yes you can; but that’s another day’s tale 🙂

Leading Lines 

Okay got it, nature and views 🙂 How about that?

Sandstorm Kenya Came through in Nature 




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