Camping in Kenya | Camp Yetu

Have you ever organised an event? A party, picnic, bash or even just a get together? That decisive moment you say, lets do this,and you do. Invites have been given out and you almost panic when you realize things are not in order and the guys are almost there.

That calmness that comes over you as your guests tell you how much of a good time they are having, or how bad your event is. (this they don’t tell you but you know)

A top the Menengai Crater

Looking at the surround and you feel content that everyone is having a blast.

Fast forward to the morning after, when the fatigue embraces you like a cloud as you remember you forgot to remember to have a good time as well. You remember the dishes that have to be dealt with, so on and so forth.

Camping at Ole Nguso Resort, Isinya


Over the past 9 months, haiya its 9 months already, we @CampYetu  have been organizing hiking and camping trips all over the country.

I happened to attend all of them camping trips :-P, first off Hiking Mt Longonot. Oh, the hiking. This mountain tested my endurance to the point of almost crying at the toughness of the course; but using that as motivation to get to the view at the top was worth while.

Mt. Longonot Crater

What exactly goes behind the planning: logistics, food, good food at that, time, several trips to the market and all the hullabaloo that goes into making the trip a success could be named as one of making a trip a success.

Shores of Lake Naivasha

Hours or even days are used to plan and the moment we meet at the usual spot, it is a relief that so far things are good, let us proceed to hiking and swimming.

Swimming at Lake Naivasha Cresent In August 2015.

So after 9 months of camping in Kenya with Camp Yetu, something is coming out of the oven :D.

Swimming at Ole Nguso Camp in Isinya

We can relatively call some of the camps successful and definitely have failed again “relatively” at others. From having the best time of swimming in a resort’s pool in Naivasha to swimming in River Ewaso Nyiro and smelling like cow dung while at it. hehe it has been a good time camping.

On the banks of Ewaso Nyiro

Some of the highs and lows have been sleeping in almost zero night temperatures in Lake Elementaita and some of the warmest times in Kajiado at Ole Nguso. We can actually carve a ka area on the Kenyan map we have been to. Its been super.

Pic by Zollo

As John Muir said, “In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.”

We have met some of the most culturally rich people in the world as well as braved some of the most depressing weathers while at it.

A Maasai man at Lake Magadi
Thompson Falls, Nyahururu, Kenya.

Sleeping under the stars and waking up to the most serene places in Central Kenya.

Lake Ol Bolosat in Nyahururu

So where is this going? What Next for Camp Yetu 

What next is that if you have a good place where we can camp in Kenya, let us know.


“Some journeys in life can only be traveled alone.” ― Ken Poirot


If you own a good place where we can  camp in Kenya do let us know as well for reviews, sampling and visiting.

Camp Yetu-22

Here is to future hikes, opportunities and swims and golden or grey sunsets.

Photography credits: @michelle and @Zollo



9 thoughts on “Camping in Kenya | Camp Yetu

  1. Great write up, I love and get happy when I see more people taking up camping in this magnificent country of ours. I would recommend you try Mtoni Camp that is new and found in GilGil next to the Malewa river and you will have great time there

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