Where Would You Rather Be?

Greetings to you from this side of the Indian Ocean.


Today, we have news!!
News about a platform which we are interested in and proud to say will be partnering with in coming events,expeditions et cetra.
A platform for creatives that has come up as need be and as is. Break Borders.


On Instagram, check @breakborders. Their teaser trailer elaborates just what this initiative is all about; a platform for creatives to explore, learn and share their skills with the world far and wide.

Watch Break Borders’ debut video here

We got to chat with one of the moderators of this initiative and seek to know WHY and HOW anyone in the creative industry should join in on this initiative.

“We aim at being a worldwide community of art enthusiast who share their skills and everyday stories beyond borders.”

“Break Borders is the beginning of something new, something fresh… A one of its kind platform. Its unbeatable awesomeness cuts through nations to join all art enthusiasts to their common taste. Break borders will offer you unbelievable adventure and fun.”

Buni: How can one join in on this fun?
Break Borders: I would urge and challenge people to follow our stories and activities on snapchat, @Breakaborder, Instagram-@breakborders, Facebook –Break Borders, Google + email us as well for any comment, query or ideas you’d want to share at breakaborder@gmail.com
We are also on soundcloud where we upload music just for our fans,partners and followers to keep up with fresh content.

Buni: What next for this community?
Break Borders: Our maiden activity after us coming out to the public is the first East African Photography meet we will be hosting in Daresalaam from the 2nd to 4th October 2015. This is after instagram announced the same weekend to be when WWIM12 is held.


Since the theme around the meet is all about connections we have made over the years, hosting this meet in a foreign country and city in general is what we believe will make Break Borders the ideal account to follow.
If you are in Daresalaam we encourage you to come out for this event on Sunday the 4th of October 2015 at Bagamoyo. From 1 PM.

Buni: Where do you see break borders in afew years time?
Break Borders: More adventure, more fun, more connections, more interractions, more memories and certainly more borders broken.

We here at Buni cannot add any on to that parting shot. Follow @BreakBorders for more adventure and we will keep you updated on future events and happening by this already made community that is breaking borders.


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