World Wide Instameet 12

Photo by @McShady41

Once again, instagram has called upon photographers and photography enthusiasts to come along and meet for the 12th edition of the world wide instameet.

Instameet: An event by photographers or people who enjoy photography where they meet and take photos of their particular location and share it under a designated hashtag for that event.

Nairobi, Daresalaam, Mombasa and Kigali have not announced venues yet but Zanzibar are going at it with lens a blaze.

“ZANZIBAR” Save the Date. Worldwide InstaMeet 12 is on october 3rd and 4th  of October 2015…..just around the corner.” Reads part of the invite calling photogs to go explore the beautiful coastal island.

“As you may have seen, Worldwide InstaMeet 12 is happening on the weekend of October 3-4! Because #WWIM12 falls near the community’s birthday, @Instagram wanted to celebrate the connections people have made over the past 5 years. So They’re encouraging participants to take #todayimet portraits of the people they meet, and to ask their subject about their favorite Instagram accounts.

More details are coming soon ( Meeting point and Routes)

Zanzibar will use the Hashtag #zanzibar_InstaMeet #WWIM12 #todayimet  #WWIM12Zanzibar #IgTanzania #WWIM12znz #shutterbugstz to keep track of pictures posted on their meet.

Plans in Daresalaam are underway as well and we will be delighted to attend any of these meets to see how good people have gotten since last year June. You can read about the meet we attended in Daresalaam here.

The photo above was captured by @Mcshady. We had the pleasure of featuring him in our previous post. Have a read.

See you at the meet near you.


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