Must Visit Places in Nairobi

There comes a time in a creatives career that there is a block of creativity. Efforts to come up with a post result in streaming a music video or reading what other writers/bloggers are up to among other unrelated tasks at hand, such times call for relaxation and a creativity boost to get back on the creative track…

For photographers, or  nature and outdoors lovers, this is for you. If you cannot go to a place because of the logistics you imagine are involved, we are here to show you that it takes less than you fathom to have a good time and new pictures for your instagram feed: here are some places to visit when in Nairobi.

1. Giraffe Center, Karen. Nairobi, Kenya

Emphasis on location because upon sharing pictures online someone asked whether it is in Nairobi. Yes it is.

Fare: 100/= Kshs (or less), one way.

Entrance Fee: 250 Kshs for Kenyan Citizens
At the Giraffe Center, you get to feed giraffes, kiss them even and better yet if you have a child (with or inside you) then i am sure this will excite you.

DSC07264 Giraffe Center

2. Nairobi Railways Museum

 Located right in the city, this museum gives you a history lesson like none given before. You get to even board the old trains and see the history of the railway in Kenya as well as ancient British artifacts used by the queen and the railway staff.

 3. KICC Helipad

You get to view the city from the top of the Kenyatta International conference center. The expansive panoramic view of Nairobi is quite something.
Entrance fees:150kshs (Kenyan Citizens)
Location: Nairobi Central Business District
The downside to the helipad is that you cannot stay up there past 1830 hours. makes you miss part of the most beautiful sunset you could get in Nairobi.


4. Karura Forest

You can use several routes to get here. Assuming you use Kiambu road side,
Fare: 100 (Return)
Entrance Fee: 100kshs for the walking/jogging track and 250/= Kshs if you want to have a picnic.
The vast forest offers you a scenic valley, waterfall, lily lake you can hire bicycles and ride or jog. Karura is an ideal place for  macro, nature and outdoor photography enthusiasts.

5. Museum of Kenya

You”ll get to see Kenya’s history under one roof. The beautiful museum boasts of a quiet place and it is ideal for outings with friends and family. There is a garden at the back where you can have a picnic and a “Peace Path” , go ahead and find out what it is at the Museum.
Charges: 200Kshs for Kenyan citizens.


6. Ngong Hills

Ngong Hills is located about 16KM from Nairobi Central Business District, using public means, board matatu number 111 to Ngong and alight at Ngong Police Station where you will take a taxi or a motorbike to the KWS gate that marks the entrance to the hills.

Fare to Ngong: 80-100kshs

Entry Fees: 200 kshs for Kenyan citizens

The view at the edge..
The view at the edge..

Be careful though, some con men may approach you and suggest getting you to the hills without you paying entry fees to the Kenya Wildlife service.


The wind mills
The wind mills

There you go. Now instead of Saturday being solely indoors,  why don’t you go outdoors and explore the picturesque beauty that is Nairobi.


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