World Photography Day 2015

They say home is where the heart is.

But for some reason one may not be at home for a certain amount of time either because wanderlust got the better of them, like it did for us in our previous post, or it may be that duty or school called among various reasons.
Take my friends friends Slim, Kamal, Muchez, Danny, Jodie and more for example, miles away from home and they make the best of it-photography wise. Showcasing the beauty of the cities they call home.

Alberta seen by Kamal
Alberta seen by Kamal

So, why don’t we coin a new phrase today dear photogs, let’s say home is where the camera is…how about that? Yes? Awesome!

You may ask what this post is all about, here goes. Did you know, August 19th is World Photography Day. A day set to commemorate the invention of the daguerreotype, which was the first photo processing technique- in simple terms, the first film making process to be made for developing photographs.

The Daguerrotype process
The Daguerrotype process

Daguerreotype was invented by French artist and chemist Louis Jacques-Mandé Daguerre in the early 1830s. Since then we have made advancements beyond his imagination i believe.

Mttwara by Malimbika
Mtwara shores by Malimbika
Sunsets made in Mtwara
A sunset in Kitulo, the southern highlands of Tanzania by Malimbika

Kamal is/was in Alberta, Canada,

Kamal's work
Kamal’s work
Be Still as the Northern hemisphere Kamal
Be Still as the Northern hemisphere night…by Kamal

Danny guy in Turkey,

As frozen by danny
As frozen by Danny
Image by Danny
Image by Danny

Malimbika in Mtwara, the southern part of Tanzania,

Southern Highlands. by Malimbika
Southern Highlands of Kitulo. by Malimbika

Insta_Kenya in the states,Jitabebe as well.

and in Kenya, The Bongolese represent Tanzania as she uniquely and beautifully captures the different parts of Kenya that she has indulged in.

Captured by The Bongolese
Captured by The Bongolese

It is no lie that the best way to see the world is though photographs.

Morning captured by The Bongolese
Morning captured by The Bongolese

The first picture ever taken was in 1826 by Joseph Nicephore Niepce. It was of a window in his home Le Gras, France. This is why a camera is referred to as “The window to the world”

Th first photograph to be taken. it was taken in 1826.
The first photograph to be taken. it was taken in 1826.

(Thank you Mr. Keyonzo– My photography lecturer I have not forgotten this)

You may or might already have noticed that we reference to Instagram mostly. This is because it has already brought about a community of enthusiasts who enjoy taking photographs and sharing it to the world in present times.

Travel escapades by Danny
Travel escapades by Danny

Tags like #CommunityFirst are tags which highlight the different communities in the world. where  #Passionpassport #Travelnoire and #wanderlust will make you want to up and leave in the next minute.

In light to this day where photography is appreciated, its not only just but right to look at how our skills have grown since and more so the community developed on instagram; the most popular photo sharing app.

With that i leave you with what Cedi said on his interview, some weeks back

“Just Keep Shooting”

Happy Photography Day to you!!


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