Meet El Captain, Delaraystki

Whenever you are on the inter-webs and search for photographers in Tanzania, One name constantly comes up among others and more so if you are you are a frequent instagrammer like myself, then the handle @Delaraystki does not miss on your screen, especially if you look under #Tanzania and #Zanzibar.

I got to catch up with the man himself, fandago… a Tanzanian photographer with talent which cannot go unappreciated.

The captain
The captain

Buni: Between the photographer and the equipment, which one in your opinion should be the best?
Salum: I believe that it’s solely the photographer and not just the camera, good cameras can be found everywhere and with just a few dollars anyone can get behind the view finder. It takes passion and willingness to learn to build creativity resulting in a great photographer behind that gadget some people take years to develop the skill to others it comes naturally.

“The camera is more like a paintbrush and the world is the canvas. the Painter’s talent is what will separate him from the rest.”

His feed boasts of magical sunsets which he improvises...amazing is an understatement
His feed boasts of magical sunsets which he improvises…amazing is an understatement

Buni: What do you think of the photography talent in Tanzania and East Africa in general?
Salum: Photography in Tanzania is still young and growing thus far I’ve only seen a handful of passionate photographers that are willing to take the the art to a  new dimension. On the other hand we lack consistency sometimes but in my opinion, our failure to stick to one platform leads to the demise of many artists here.

The beauty that is the sea shores of Zanzibar.
The beauty that is the sea shores of Zanzibar.

What you do not now about delaraystki…

  • His official name is Salum Farah
  • He is a certified private pilot (ppl) working towards a commercial pilot license (cpl)
  • The captain is a perfectionist probably in everything that he does, you can judge that from his amazing instagram feed. You can also like his facebook page here  thank me later 🙂
  • He uses a Canon Rebel T3 and a Samsung Galaxy K Zoom to freeze time.
  • He is one of the founding members of shutterbugs Tanzania– a group of photography enthusiasts who arrange meets and shoots around Tanzania.
  • If you hear him say “fandago” that means “oops” in delaraytski-lese
  • His favorite location to shoot is any place that has a great landscape either, rolling hills, lakes, stars, the sea and the sun.


Serenity as seen through Salum's eyes.
Serenity as seen through Salum’s eyes.


Buni: What has been your memorable moment in your photography escapades?
Salum: At the end of last year (2014) I embarked on a photographic journey to the Tanzanian southern highlands with the Asili yangu campaign initiative with the ambition of boosting local tourism in Tanzania consisting of four other creative minds , there I came across Kitulo plateu coloquially known as “Bustani ya mungu” Swahili for God’s garden.Known for it’s alpine grassland, vast rolling hills and wild orchids it was an amazing experience for me.

The lush green Highlands of Kitulo, Southern Tanzania.
The lush green Highlands of Kitulo, Southern Tanzania.

“I have to search for the perfect location, study it, compose my shots and finally trigger the shutter release.”

Buni: Which photographer across Africa would you like to meet?
Salum: I would like to meet Mario Macilau a great Mozambican photographer known for his candid and artistic work that I first saw on a documentary in Al Jazeera about African photographers. The other photographer I would like to meet is Sam.Vox, this lad can make one want to hang their gear and contemplate on photography. He’s certainly an inspiration as his photos are just out of this world.

“I am a peace loving person and I love to live by any philosophy that can change the outlook of life positively.” Says el captain.

Night Light trails in the streets of Dar Es Salaam
Night Light trails in the streets of Dar Es Salaam

Buni: Lastly any advice to budding photographers out there in the world?
Salum: I strongly urge any upcoming photographer to focus in doing what they love the most whether it’s photographing people or plants you name it. Just keep shooting and once in a while you should be willing to step outside your comfort zone and in return people will gradually start to notice your work just like the rose that grew from concrete.


I cannot say i mean write anything better than this gent’s gallery. Feed your eyes on the talent and follow him for more.


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